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envyue autumn_tulips faust_ina

We are @deep! FANSUBS, founded by two fangirls, autumn_tulips and envyue. Don't most (or all) fansub groups begin like that. We are very small, and thus prefer subbing shorter videos, so we can complete projects faster and gain more experience. All subtitles are translated and encoded by us, except for our debut, a 07.10.18 interview with Toma and Oguri Shun, kindly encoded by scattie over at Tomalicious Forums. As you can tell, we're very new so please give us feedback and we'll do our best to improve. Onegaishimasu!

Contact us at: atdeepsubs@gmail.com

How often do we update?
One to two releases per week

Where do we upload?
Mediafire and Divshare.

Our focus:
No definite focus. There'll definitely be lots of Toma though! XDD
One more thing to note is that we'll try our best not to sub the same videos as other subbing teams ((:

Feel free to use our banners by envyue and icons by autumn_tulips ((:

watch us

U S I N G O U R S I T E +
Browsing for past/current projects:
We tag all our posts, so look there first if you're searching for something. A list of our current and past projects can be found tagged under "projects", and we update it regularly.

Posting format:
We post in this format to make things easier for everyone.

Title of post: Name of show, who's in it
Type of file
Download links

If you would like us to sub a video for you, please leave the details of your request here, in this format:

Note: Check the list of current and past projects first before requesting, because we might already have done it.

Name of the show/drama:
Links to the RAW:

Providing a RAW file for us to use would make things easier and increase your chances of us accepting the request. We don't usually say no to requests, so go ahead and try! We're very nice and friendly people. Longer videos will certainly take longer to sub, so be ready to wait if you ask for one of those.

Leaving comments:
As we own no forum and this is our only way of communicating with you besides mail, the comments list will get pretty long. For quicker response rate, if your post is about a problem concerning file download or not files not playing on your computer, post the subject of your comment in the title, so we can focus on that faster.

R U L E S +
We are a FREE fansubbing group i.e. we do this for free. Sales and distribution of our fansubs is something you should not even think about.

- Absolutely no uploading of our files, altered on unaltered, on streaming media sites like Youtube, Google Video, Crunchyroll, ifilm, Veoh, Yahoo, Daily Motion etc. (this list is non-exhaustive). Reuploading on file hosting servers is also a no-no.
- However, if you would like to help us upload files online, we will gladly take you in. Contact us at atdeepsubs@gmail.com
- Altering and distributing our videos is not nice, so please don't do it.
- If you would like to tell others about our videos, please link to our site, not the link to the download page itself. This is to help us oversee downloads and correct problems easily.
S T A F F +
We're a small group. Seriously.

Translator: autumn_tulips, faust_ina
Timer/Encoder: envyue
Editors/QCs: faust_ina, Izm (from Tomalicious Forums)
Distributors: autumn_tulips, envyue
R E C R U I T M E N T +
If you would like to join our very small group, contact us at atdeepsubs@gmail.com. We like to keep things simple and things are working fairly well right now so it's unlikely that we'll expand much. Don't be afraid to ask though! We just may need an extra person.^^
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Tomalicious Forums
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